Friday Favorite: A tool for I take for granted

Time to share another something special that I love to use or eat in my kitchen!  This week I picked something I honestly take for granted but use for a lot of things in my kitchen. It’s one of those things I would tell someone just starting out to invest in.

So here it is, my Henckels Kitchen Shears.

I know it looks like a pair of scissors. I thought the same thing when they came in a set we got at a steal of a deal. When I found out I could use these to cut through small bones I thought, wow that’s cool. These were the days before I learned I could buy a whole chicken and butcher it up myself for way less than buying it already cut up.  If you have never cut your own chicken up , believe me it’s easy. If I can do it so can you.
I use my kitchen shears for a lot more than just cutting up chicken. They are great for cutting up stew meat or any other meat. Especially things like bacon which can slide around on the cutting board. Just hold the bacon over a bowl and cut away and then cook up.  Prosciutto is another one that you can cut before you cook it or even after like I am in the picture below.

Use them to cut fresh herbs in a bowl or cut from the garden. Green onions is another one that I use my kitchen sheers for. This came about after I cut my finger tip off cutting green onions but I am do use my knife as well now.  There’s most likely a bunch of other ways to use them besides cutting open a package of baby spinach.

I’ve seen other brands out there. I say get the best you can afford and make sure to keep them sharpened the way you would any good knife.

Got a great use for your kitchen shears? Share below!

Till next time!




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