Nothing special, just a peeler, peeling turnips.

I went to a cooking class awhile back with a really nice chef who has owned a few great places. During the class someone asked how you get the skin off things like turnips and rutabaga.  He showed them how with his knife. If you’ve followed me for a while, or know me, you know that on Christmas eve of 2010 I cut a chunk of my index finger off. I have a few friends who have cut themselves more times than I care to mention (no worries wont list the names) and so I really felt like it was time to share and prove what I told this chef in this class.
Mind you, I’ve never gone to cooking school, I am not trained or anything. So if how I peel a turnip or other root veggies ruins your classically trained french ways, don’t do it. The rest of you with bandages on your fingers or who are just learning and not sure what to do with that turnip or rutabaga you see in the grocery store I am going to show you how, quickly and easily.

What you need is turnip, a knife  and a potato peeler. Unlike my chef friend mentioned above, you don’t need “one hell of a potato peeler”.  Yeah that’s what he said to me when I mentioned you didn’t have to do it the way he was doing it when another woman said she could “never do that”.  She could I am sure in time. I can peel one with a knife too. It’s easy but I prefer this way.

My peeler, in case your interested, is a Faberware peeler I bought over 18 years ago when I first moved out to CT and had to set up a kitchen. I bought it at the now closed Caldor. I have two other ones that I have bought at the dollar store and Target. The key is getting one that fits your hand and that you like. Don’t go spending big money. Unless you like to. In which case email me and I’ll be happy to give some info on another project I’d love to have money showered on. lol

Ok ,so here’s how my dear friends, you can use a peeler on your turnips.

First cut the top off the turnip. Just a thin sliver.

This give you an edge to get your peeler into so you can just take the skin off like you would a potato or an apple.

It works the same way with a rutabaga too.  Really it’s simple but I’ve been asked enough or heard enough people say they don’t know how to work with a turnip I thought I would share.  I then diced up the turnips with some sweet potatoes, carrots, leeks and garlic and mixed with salt, pepper and olive oil.

And then added to my chicken that was roasting in the oven and finished them together for a nice roast chicken and root veggie dinner.

Got a question on how to cook or work with an unfamiliar vegetable, feel free to ask me. I’d be happy to share with you. Or if you have a great tip, leave it below.

Blessing and love,



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