Gobble, Gobble Time!

Ready for Thanksgiving? Excited? Ok maybe your still looking for a few recipes to round out your meal. I am sharing a few I found  that are simple , especially if your short on time but don’t want to be opening boxes and cans.  You can find those below in my Thanksgiving menu list. Just click on the highlighted menu items and then at the bottom is one of my own quick simple recipes if your still stuck. Believe, I know the time crunch this year.

As I write this I have an unread copy of Bon Appetit Thanksgiving issue on my desk. I just decided to buy a subscription again as I miss the magazine and cooking with it.  Sadly, I have not had the time to even open this one and this year, I am doing a much simpler feast than in years past.  You know like, doing a brine with Guinness. Which is incredible, I have to say. Haven’t see that? Click here.

If someone makes a turkey from this bon appetit issue please tell me how it went. I just flipped through and there looks to be some good ones. Would it be wrong to have a second thanksgiving? Maybe this spring when my Marine gets home, is a good excuse.
I keep a menu journal and in it, I keep compete menus for holidays that include where the recipes are and a shopping list I just need to copy from. I can’t tell you how helpful this is.  This year though I am going for a different menu and decided to add it both to my notebook and my online menu builder at Pepperplate.

I’ve recently started working part-time as well as doing all the other things I do and time is an issue. My husband has been cooking dinners lately so to be honestly I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and getting in the kitchen and cooking. It is relaxing to me, just like yoga or meditation.  I wish I was doing some of our “regular” dishes but I am excited to try some news ones.  I think sometimes you gotta shake things up a bit.

Our menu this year is as follows:

I am looking forward to trying the roasted Brussel sprouts recipe and the sweet potato pie. I am going to be changing the  pie recipe around to be non dairy for myself and am thinking doing a coconut whip cream by just whipping coconut cream in the mixer for a few minutes. I hear it is incredible.

I am able to eat goat dairy and I love goat cheese more than I care to admit. It’s very tangy and goes wonderfully with green beans.

Steamed Green Beans with Cranberry Goat Cheese and French Fried Onions

Green Beans

Goat Cheese log with cranberries, cut into small chunks to easily melt

French fried onions

salt and pepper to taste

To do the steamed green beans it’s as simple as steaming the green beans in a steamer or a pan with water brought to a boil at the bottom and steaming untill a bright green. This only takes a few moments. I like mine with a little snap still to them. I can’t stand mushy green beans.

When those are done, place in your serving bowl, add in the goat cheese and toss untill the goat cheese begins to melt.

Season with salt and pepper, taste, adjust as needed and then top with french fried onions and serve!


I hope everyone has a wonderful, laughter filled and enjoyable Thanksgiving. Remember, it’s ok to enjoy the abundant blessings on the table. Diets and restrictions need to go out the window and be replaced with savoring and enjoyment. Other wise you ended up being that cranky relative nobody cares to be around. Relax and enjoy. It only comes once a year.

With blessings, love, and thankfulness to have the visitors and subscribers to my blog!

Happy Thanksgiving,



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