Welcome to the new year and new adventures in the kitchen.

It’s my day off  today. I am curled up under a blanket with a cup of warm water with a lemon wedge. Trying to ignore the sound of cement trucks lined up on our street as they work on a neighbor’s home. Is my head throbbing or is it just the trucks?

How was your New years?   I spent part of New Year’s day watching the Chopped marathon flipping through the stacks of magazines I have wanted to read. Most of them Bon Appetit. I happily renewed my subscription for less than the cost of a Starbucks latte this past fall.

It’s funny, the universe has been sending me messages recently. I really was thinking of going into nursing. I had this goal and I was working  toward it. Then one thing after another has happened to really push that away. Not bring it closer. I kept telling myself they were challenges, and to keep working through them. Then, on break one day, I sat listening to a few ladies talk about the treatment their loves ones were getting in a local place I set my mind to work in. I grew more angry as the story went on. It hit me over the next few days as more signs came my way that I could never work in any way shape or form in the current mainstream medical field. At least not in as part of it. I’d have to find a way to be in it in a holistic way.

As each of these messages to not do this came in, a glaring light has come on to spotlight what I am really passionate about. Food and cooking. I love to eat, I love to cook.  Even my silly part-time job has me working with food. It might not be the food I would love to cook for people (well some days it is) but I enjoy talking to be people about food and sharing recipes and cooking.

I got into the health coaching biz because I love food, I love to cook healthy food and see people enjoy it and know that it is nourishing to them. I enjoy savoring food and the whole act of being in the kitchen.  Funny thing happens when you study nutrition for a 18 months. Somehow you lose track of what you really love and focus too much on the nutrition side.  Blah!

I came across a cooking club menu from 2011. As I read over the menu my mouth recalled the tastes when I made this, the smells came back to my nose and I remember how much my family liked it on that cold winter day 2 years ago. It’s great how food can bring back so many memories.

The best part of this menu find was that it was 6 weeks in to what was the first year I dropped resolutions and made a promise to myself to simply drink more water. I was loosing weight, discovering my waist again, and eating some of the best food I had ever cooked in my life and honestly in places my husband would treat me to. Shortly after I enrolled at IIN and with studying, teaching and just being me, dropped watching all the cooking shows and reading all the cookbooks I could. Sure I’ve been cooking but with less soul than I had. My heart has been in it but not in the way it was a few years ago. I mean I can’t even remember when I last cooked with the French Fridays with Dori club.

My husband took me out recently one night for coffee and to pick up a new calendar, you know as we didn’t want the world to end. There we were, walking the aisles of the bookstore when I saw a table of cookbooks. I felt that twinge of joy and there I went , looking through the books, making a mental list of which ones I want to add to my collection. We found our calendar and I went to look at the rack of discounted books. That is where I found it, one of my favorite chefs ever, Nigella Lawson. Why was her book on the clearance rack? Why am I asking, just buy it! My husband must have seen it in my eyes as before I could even ask he smiled and said “you want it? get it.”

Bringing home a new cookbook brought on what I thought might have been lost, a familiar feeling. I am not sure I can describe it to be honest.  The closest I could get is the most comfy pair of jeans, your favorite cup of something warm on a cold day, or sleeping in your own bed after traveling. Comfort yes, but more.

So, as it happens every January, I’m planning on little tweeking of my kitchen. Each year I improve my kitchen. It’s easier than the big whopping makeover. I joke that by the time I get it perfect, we’ll put the house on the market.  Adventure #1 is finding the perfect storage for my knives. The drawer is no longer cutting it. Pun intended.

With that I am going to go figure out which recipe from Nigella’s book I want to cook up and then go plan my menu for next week. I am looking forward to a year filled of listening to my heart, following my nose to the smell of good things and being open to the many adventures that come my way.

What are you looking forward to this year?

Till next time,

Happy New Year and may you have many adventures in your kitchen this year too!

Shelly xoxo


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