Sweet Treats-Mexcian Chocolate w/salt & pepper and other goodies.

I was in Trader Joe’s  doing my weekly shopping and after enjoying a sample of Goat Blue Cheese (sssooooo good, expect to see it soon in a recipe on my blog soon) I turned to see a table with a new product to TJ’s.  Organic Mexican chocolate. They had two flavors, extra dark and a salt and pepper. Hello salt and pepper?


I am reading the ingredients when a woman comes up and asks me if it’s good.  Was I eating it and not knowing? Nope. I share I don’t know and it was new and was wiling to try anything once. Sign says they are normally around $8 but they were selling them for $1.49 each. Just happened I was out of chocolate and it was on my list, so , into the cart the two little wheels went.

I am use to seeing sea salt and chocolate and even chipolte with sea salt and chocolate but never salt and pepper. So what did it taste like?  Interesting. I really think if you melted it and put it on say potato chips or even tortilla chips it’d be amazing. It’s a little gritty but clearly has a pepper taste that is not overwhelming but it lets you know it’s there.

You don’t have to give up chocolate if you’re looking to start living a healthier lifestyle. People think I am nut when I say this but when I lost 27lbs I never gave up chocolate along with a few other things that might shock people. What I did do is make sure I eat only high quality chocolate and eat dark chocolate. Did you know that dark chocolate can help boost your metabolism and get this, can help your body produce less of the stress hormone cortisol? Yep. Now how nice is that?

On my way out I saw the candied ginger. I am sucker for anything ginger to be honest, and a good-sized bag for under $2, I am there. I also happened to be just saying the night before I could go for some chocolate covered ginger. I did try the ginger with the salt and pepper chocolate. I am not sure what to think. It wasn’t bad but just odd in a sort of good way. The ginger is great. It’s spicy sweet that warms you up. I am fond of it as a treat in winter as it warms me up inside as well as a cup of ginger tea. Candied ginger is also great if your feeling sick, nauseous. Or before you get sick as it aids in immunity. Ginger also  aids in digestion so what other reason do you need to nibble on it.

You can use it in your stirfry, sweet and sour dishes,  add it to trail mix or put it in baked goodies. Or add to some popcorn that you drizzle with coconut oil. Mmmm.

Now, I’ve mentioned before I can’t do HFCS and I have to share this candy company that came out last year. I finally saw the candy in a local store and got to try it. The company is UnReal. Now before I go on I am not going to try to push this off a health food, a whole food or anything else. I am just suggesting that if you’re looking to lose weight, feel a healthier but are not ready to give up your chocolate peanut butter cups this might be a great alternative. Doing small things help in big ways and making one little switch like this can pay off.  Unreal candy is different as they “unjunk” their candy. Let’s be real here, it’s still candy and if you sit down and eat an entire bag of their peanut butter cups your body is still going to have a sugar rush and you still have the calories to deal with. In short, it’s still candy. But, it candy with a heck without all that other junk.  I don’t get to eat candy usually as I am unable to have HFCS as I have a reaction that is very uncomfortable for me. But did you know that HFCS can wreak havoc on your body? It’s man-made and has been linked to obesity, non alcoholic fatty liver disease, and type 2 diabetes? I read somewhere it has levels of mercury in it but I am not totally sure on that one.  I do know it’s subsidized by the government, is cheap and is nearly in all foods and is a GMO.

UnReal doesn’t use HFCS. Yay!  So we bought a bag of their version of M&M’s and a bag of peanut butter cups. My son had the M&M’s and he thought they tasted just like the real thing. I thought they were pretty good but to sweet for me. The Peanut Butter cups were delish and tasted just like what I remember Rees’s Peanut butter cups to taste like, but maybe even better. Maybe because I didn’t get a horrible headache instantly along with other issues I get.

Now to go and ponder what I might try to use the salt & pepper Mexican chocolate for.


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