Falling out of a routine is a good thing

I am going to just get it out and confess, I am not super woman and I am definitely not the superwoman of health.

I fell off my healthy routine. It has been over a month since I last did yoga and might have been 3 weeks or so since I meditated and the last time I juiced? I am not sure, I haven’t even made a smoothie since December I think. Drinking Kombucha like I love to do? Nope, my last batch I brewed was forgotten and went to vinegar. Had I not put blueberries in it , hoping to save it in the second fermentation,  I might have a great healthy hair rinse. But, being a dirty blond,  I am not looking to have purple hair right now. The act of trying to save what I knew was beyond saving was just pure laziness.

The only thing I can actually say I have stuck to is eating healthy but even that has been tweaked. I normally try to eat a 90/10 diet. Meaning, 90% of my food is not packaged and my great-grandmother would most likely know what it was, (ok, maybe not the quinoa)  the other 10% can be something else. I often  tweak this to 80/20 and I am not the type who does the math to make sure I am on top of this but I know when I am eating crappy. Like last week, I went to Five Guys and Fries. I’ve had more coffee in the past few months than I would normally have. If you’ve been following me you know I gave it up over a year ago. I quit it for a full year and then decided that espresso was better for me, gave me less tummy aches and well I could go on with my excuses.

Have I put on weight? No. I mean 3 lbs is not something I am going to freak out about. My real scale is my waist. It’s still there, my pants still fit and are not tight and that is all that matters.

Thing is falling off of a healthy routine is a good thing. I would actually recommend it. And not just at vacation time or the holidays either. Just pick a week, drop the healthy eating, drop the exercise routine, sit on the couch , eat some chips watch the tv and be lazy.


I haven’t gone mad. Let me explain.

When you start a new routine of eating healthy it usually is meet with some skepticism and maybe even you get in the mind-set it wont work or it  feels like it is not work. Sometimes, for some people removing a food from their diet for two weeks make a huge difference, for others it’s small and can go unnoticed. For some of us we are just so out of touch and used to feeling like crap all the time it becomes our normal.

Exercise can become routine. You get up you run, you do yoga or whatever and it’s a routine. You might not notice how well your holding a pose or how much faster you ran with less energy but you’re doing your routine.

A healthy lifestyle can become a new normal and if you tend to become to crazy and uptight with it (aka strict) and sounding like you practice a religion of kale and hot yoga then maybe you really do need to fall off the health band wagon.

When you fall off the routine one of two things happen.

#1- you feel like crap and remember why you eat healthy and keep your body moving

#2- when you do pick your routine again, it feels so good you question why the hell you stopped to begin with.

No matter which one you fall under, that will be the fuel to keep you going in making lasting healthy changes. Not quilt, not advertisers telling you you need to look thin or whatever they are pushing. Nothing else is going to get you to eat healthy, live healthy and move your butt than that pay off, that amazing feeling that inner knowing what your body and soul need.

I just recently went through this. Coffee, burgers, my favorite Thai place is back open and my husband loves to treat me there and I really shouldn’t eat the crab ragoon but I do anyhow and a lack of any yoga since, well read above , added in with working and being a mom, wife, friend and human with stress, and I went on auto pilot and didn’t notice how I felt or the screaming signs my body was sending me. I ignored them.

Enter the green smoothie. Hello there yummy good drink. Wow did my body feel it. Like it was new comfort food that I had forgotten.  A morning where I forced myself to do yoga, not my 35 to 45 min routine but just 16 mins and as I fell into the poses my body reminded me how good it felt as I tried to keep my balance. With the inhale and exhale of each pose I was reminded how much this feeds my soul and nourishes my body.  I felt uplifted.

My eyes were open how I had been living, how I had slowly slipped back into patterns that were unhealthy for me. Not bad but a good thing, for it reminds me of what I need and how to care for myself.

So when you fall off the routine and find yourself in a bag of fries or a covered in Doritos dust, it’s ok. Don’t beat yourself up. Savor the moment and then get back up and do one healthy thing you loved and see how much you loved it. If you don’t it might be a sign it wasn’t your thing and it’s time to try something new. Like maybe Yoga is not your thing and it’s time to try Zumba. Maybe quinoa is not your thing but brown rice is. Try again, reinvest in yourself and see where it leads you. Variety is good and falling off the wagon is just another spice in life.

Next step for me?  To call my massage therapist and book that hot stone massage my husband bought me for our anniversary in December. Yeah I put it off  and question why beyond I thought I’d wait till after I got past the holidays.

Love and blessings,



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