Spring & Detoxes


I get a number of newsletters in my inbox and with spring on the way many are starting the talk of detoxing. Some of the magazines I have noticed are doing the same.  I recently had a brief conversation with a friend about fasting and detoxing. I hope to continue that conversation to get a deeper look into this person’s plans but honestly, for myself, I do not do any type of wild detox.

Now that is not to say I don’t “spring clean” my body. I am just not into the idea of drinking nothing but juice for a few days and eating nothing. I’d most likely be on the floor or at the gas station  mini mart eating candy off the racks if I did that. It’s just how I feel in my body. Each spring I watch the posts on Facebook and Twitter as all my friends detox and that even makes me want to do it less. I mean when someone is telling you they are vomiting and spending lots of time in the bathroom does that make you want to do it? Maybe it’s just me.

Spring is the ideal time to clean the body. I am for that. If your eating seasonally , then winter is a time of eating heavier foods. I’ve talked before how I tend to eat more meat in the winter time than any time of year. This is become of my dosha/body type. I need the added fats in my body to keep warm and not rip people’s heads off and be miserable.  Winter is not a great time for produce though. I mean it you walk into your normal grocery store you most likely never saw a difference in the produce as it’s flown and trucked in from all over the world. I don’t know about you but a winter hothouse tomato doesn’t taste anything like the fresh off the vine summer tomato.

When you eat seasonally your body will naturally get to detox. Why? Most of the spring veggies are created to help your body detox the fat from winter. How cool is that?  It’s a time when things that support and help our liver are ready and waiting for us.

Like what?

Here’s a sample list of things to eat this spring:

  • asparagus
  • leeks
  • dandelion
  • sprouts & shoots of any kind
  • leafy greens
  • lemon (any time of year actually)
  • grapefruit
  • ginger
  • cabbage (try Kimchi for a great probiotic)

If your feeling like you need a bit more cleaning in your system then here are some more ideas that I use without starving myself.

photo 5

  • Juicing– now a lot of folks go on total juice diets. If your going to do this, check with your doctor first. Last year I got a juicer and admit to drinking juice nearly every day for a month or so after I go it. I felt great! Now I had juice in the morning along with some sort of whole grain cereal. For me that works best. You don’t have to have a juicer to have fresh juice. There are places online that will deliver fresh juice to your door or check your local grocery store. I am currently in love with Trader Joe’s Green Smoothie Juice. I can take it to work with me and enjoy on a break.

photo 3

  • Water & Lemon  I think I tell more people to drink water with wedge of lemon than anything else. It really does work though to wake up your metabolism and help to detox you. It’s a cheap detox that is always available. I’ve had folks tell me that just drinking water changed their weight, skin and energy levels .
My homebrews in the fridge

My homebrews in the fridge

  • Kombucha- kombucha is great for helping to detox the body as well as it has some probiotics to help give you a healthy gut which we all need. 70% of your immune system is in our gut so having a healthy flora level is important to staying healthy.  January of 2012 I did a 30 day Kombucha Challenge. For thirty days I drank 4 to 16 ozs of kombucha daily. I also drank equal amounts of water to the kombucha I drank. What did I notice? Well my winter dry skin I normally got, went away by week two. I had more energy. I was sleeping better and my skin was glowing. This is because it helps to cleanse the liver and detox the body. Now don’t be eating snickers bars while drinking a kombucha because your just wasting the reason to drink it. Kombucha can be expensive at nearly $5 a bottle at some stores. But you can easily brew your own for pennies and flavor it with your favorite naturally supporting detox foods like ginger or cranberries.
My favorite teas to support my body

My favorite teas to support my body

  • Yogi DeTox Tea- This one you can keep in your bag or purse and take with you. I always have tea with me. This one is gentle on the body helps with the kidneys and liver. It’s an inexpensive detox that with a good spring diet will have you feeling great. I am a bit of a tea junkie and I admit my tea choices change as the seasons change and I naturally crave this tea in the spring.
  • Avoid heavy fatty foods- These are the foods that weigh you down in spring. We eat heavier in the winter to insulate ourselves from the cold of winter. Now , just like your wardrobe, it’s time to start peeling off the layers and make your diet lighter by eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies as they become available in you area.

photo 4

  • Spirulina, chlorella and wheatgrass- It’s funny that many folks grow wheatgrass in the spring to decorate their tables for Spring festivals and Easter. Well adding in a shot of wheatgrass, spirulina or chlorealla into a smoothie or blended into a juice is a great way to detox and again support your liver.
  • MOVE- As in move your body. Get out and walk, take a hike, do some yoga, Twisting poses are great to help with the body and detoxing.

Lastly ask yourself some of the following questions to detox your life. Do you have too much clutter? Is it time to look for a new job or start a new career? Do you have supportive friends in your life or those who drain you? Do you have enough plants in your home or office? Is it time to clean out your wardrobe? Is it time to end an unhealthy relationship? Is it time to start an exercise routine or spiritual practice? Is it time to start living the life you are meant to be living?

Now if your still thinking a detox plan would be great for you and you don’t know where to start, please shoot me an email or leave a comment below and I’d be happy to direct to you to some great, safe and healthy detox programs I know of , run by either teachers of mine, or fellow health coaches I know and trust.  But please listen to your body and what feels and sounds like a good fit for you. You know your body best!



If your ready to make a change in your life and want some help, why not shoot me an email to set up an free consultation. You can find out more here .


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