So what if you ate that. Love yourself anyway.

First blooms in my yard.

First blooms in my yard.

Finally having some days that feel like spring.  I’ve been out once, barefoot in the garden and loved the sun shining on my face. Looking forward to getting back out there and getting some planting done. It’s one of my other favorite places to be besides my kitchen.

Love buying flowers for myself

Love buying flowers for myself

Spring always feels so full of hope for me. I get excited about the return of doing the things I love, gardening, hikes , and seeing things come back to life in my garden. I’m having the urge to do some big spring cleaning.  The house needs some cleaning and I need to sell and toss a few things I am just holding on to. I am looking to spring clean my health coaching business as well and dropping a few thing and offer some new things. I am really excited about that.

Most important my diet is turning to all things spring. Well almost. My son is home on leave after being deployed and well I admit I am cooking a few heavy meals I would not normally cook this time of year but I am a mom and how can you say no? I haven’t seen my son in a year and I admit I love to feed people. He just happens to love the heavy foods.  I felt the effects of one day of heaving eating and thought I would take the time to talk about that a little.

We all do it. Who hasn’t given in to the things they love to eat?   I often hear people say the following “Oh I shouldn’t…”, “I’m being bad eating this.”.   I am always quick to tell them to not put the negative on it and to look at it as treating themselves.  It’s not like they are going to eat like that everyday. Just savor it and move on. No negative thinking.

So how do we break that habit? When you hear yourself saying something negative, stop, correct what your going to say to something positive. It will take time but the more you practice this the better you will get at it. Here’s another thought. Negative thinking causes stress. Stress causese higher levels of cortisol. Cortisol helps you to back on more fat. So why start that cycle after you just ate something not so great? It’s like super sizing it in my mind.

Next, if you got on a food binge, just fix it. We always have a chance to fix something within ourselves. How? Eat lightly and eat  foods that cleanse your body and are easier on digestion. Avoid heavy foods like meats, dairy, salty foods and anything processed.  Instead, enjoy things that are lighter like whole grains (if you can eat them) , salads, steamed veggies, sea veggies and fruit.  Veggies like radish, leeks , green onions and shiitake mushrooms are fat dissolving so would be a great choice too.

Fruit Salad with bee pollen & a non-dairy smoothie

Fruit Salad with bee pollen & a non-dairy smoothie

Drinking plenty of water will also help flush the system out too. Add a lemon wedge to your water and get even more benefits.

I am not suggesting one should eat bad one day and then the next eat well. It’s best to be in a good habit of eating well. Which is easy once you do it. You start feeling the difference bad foods have on you when you start eating well and wont enjoy them as much. Yes, it really does happen.

So forgive yourself if you ate a pint of Ben and Jerry’s or found yourself licking the salt out of the bottom of the bag of Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Most likely your body needed something in what you just ate, you got your fix and now it’s time to nourish your body again with healthy foods and love it.




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