Life changes. (Salmon Tostada)

It’s funny and wonderful how life evolves. I was talking to a friend who was making her own bread and cooking all these wonderful dishes and I got a little envious. I really haven’t had a long day in the kitchen in a while. I mean I cook some meals that take time, like tossing some things in the crockpot or braising something. But really that’s cooking on its own and I am off doing something else. I haven’t done something that really requires my full attention in a while.

Life is different for me now though. I no longer have a bunch of little kids under foot, I am not home all day like I use to be and with spring here, the thought of being in the kitchen vs being out in the sun is much more tempting. I am also working on a bunch of different projects so cooking like I use to just isn’t on the menu at the moment. I know it all sounds like excuses. Maybe they are.

I went from having a full table of 7 , sometimes more, depending on if we had kids couch surfing at our house or not or we just had a group of kids show up for dinner. Now I  only having 2 maybe 3 people at that table.  It’s definitely different cooking for me these days.

I still love cooking even though it is changing for me.  I know I keep saying this but it is true, there is nothing like coming home and whipping up a quick fresh dinner. Recently I came home from work to find a totally empty house. I actually debated not cooking. Then it hit me, I could crank up my favorite music, sing out loud and just enjoy. Really have my own sensual dinner.  I made some gnocchi, got out my good china and even ate by candle light. It was date night with myself.  It was wonderful.  I smelled the foods and tasted it like never before. I ate slower than I normally did and I think I might have had a smile on the whole time. I was in my own little paradise. If you have the opportunity to eat alone I really suggest making an event out of it. Don’t just rush through it. It’s fine to take care of yourself and give yourself some pleasure and enjoyment. Treat yourself well. If you don’t who will?

So in the hunt for something quick and easy to cook after work I found the following recipe. The original is at Eat Well but I changed it up. I felt like mixing certain things together wasn’t going to work for some folks in my house and this made it easier for folks coming in later to fix their own plate just the way they wanted.

Salmon Tostadas

      • 8 6-inch corn tortillas
      • cooking spray
      • 1 6- to 7-ounce can  Alaskan salmon, drained
      • 1 avocado, diced ,  squeeze lime juice over to keep from browning
      • diced green chilies
      • 2 cups coleslaw mix or shredded cabbage
      • 2 tablespoons chopped cilantro
      • 1 15-ounce can refried beans
      • salsa
      • 2 scallions, chopped
      • Lime wedges
      1. Position racks in upper and lower thirds of the oven; preheat to 375°F.
      2. Coat tortillas on both sides with cooking spray. Place on 2 baking sheets. Bake, turning once, until light brown, 12 to 14 minutes.
      3. Place avocado, green chilies, cabbage and salsa in serving bowls.
      4. Warm refried beans. I also warmed up the salmon for just a few mins.
      5. To assemble tostadas, spread each tortilla with some of the refried beans. Then top with the other toppings that are out, squeeze a wedge of lime over and enjoy!

      Serves 4.   Two tostadas per person.


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