Ok, I admit it, I was wrong. Upcoming Spring Detox

I was going to write about a recipe but I am not inspired in the least. There just no way to make this dish look exciting or interesting.  Boring.  I was talking with a guy at work tonight about oxtails and other dishes and it made me really want to cook something. I am just in the middle of nine-day marathon at work and simple easy dishes were on the menu. Thing I know the recipe to without thinking. Things that can be reheated easily as I cook before going to work since I am working an odd late shift and am eating at work.

I sat looking at the screen.  I know what I really want to write about but going to be one of things I hate to  admit.  I hate when I put my thoughts down and felt like yeah that was awesome and then something happens to make me go and change the way I think.

So here it goes,   I was wrong. I was slightly closed-minded.

I’ve had a moment of clarity and reasoning and well I am officially changing my stance on something.

What is that thing?  Detoxes and a few other things.  I’ll get to the other things another time. I am really enjoying those changes to be honest.

Now to be fair, I still believe my original stance that the best way to detox is to eat a  diet of whole foods that are in season and drink plenty of water. I wont budge from that. Thing is, how many of us are really eating whole foods all the time? In a perfect world I’d love to say I am doing my 90/10 thing. Meaning doing 90% whole foods and 10% packaged.  Two years ago I was on the money for those numbers. Two years ago I was a full-time stay at home mom with not alot of stress in my life beyond going to school and having a couple of teenagers in the house.  I was cool with doing 80/20 a few months ago. It’s still what I shoot for but to be honest and realistic. I am most likely more like 70/30 maybe even 60/40 if I am rushed on my way to work.  Not bad. I mean I am still eating way more whole foods than processed crap. Right?  Minus the trip to Five Guys  Burgers and Fries that came on me like a tidal wave craving that needed to be obeyed. Oh my gosh that was good.

So why the change of heart? Let me take you back a little bit in my life.

I’ve had a love for all things India since I was a little girl.  Food, music, smells, tastes and colors. It all seems way to familiar and home like to me.  I learned about Ayurveda back the mid 1900’s on sheer accident. I have always wanted to learn to draw botanical drawings and sent away for a catalog from the NY Botanical Garden in the mid 90’s  to see what it would take to get into the botanical illustrator course. Who knew I was going to stumble across Dr. Scott Gearson teaching a workshop/intro on Ayrurveda.  Who knew his course and book and talk  with me after class was going to get me more intersted. I signed up for a cooking course and tasting tour of Little India in NYC next.  That was heaven.

Of course Deepok Chopra and the Chopra Center have seemed to dance in and out of my life. I admit that when I heard Deepok was one of the teachers/speakers at IIN I didn’t hesitate to sign up for school. I mean if he and Dr. Weil were behind it how could I go wrong?  Being able to hear Deepok at an IIN conference was one of those lifetime happy moments in my book. I am currently working toward a goal to go to the Chopra Center and I would love to take the Vedic Master program.

Months ago I was looking around after having several people ask what weight loss supplements I suggest/offer in my health coaching biz. I had looked at several before but there was always a gut feeling something wasn’t right. Not bad but just not the fit for me.  I thought to myself, well darn it why doesn’t the Chopra Center have anything?  A few days later I stumbled on a line of products but there wasn’t a way for me to find out too much more info. Then I lost the link to the page when I had more time to investigate and went looking for it again.  I told myself if it’s meant to be I’ll find it and let it go.

So there I am, months later,  looking at Craigslist when I stumble on an ad looking for holistic minded people. I click, I sign up for a webinar and watch as I am cooking dinner.  My jaw drops.  There are the Chopra Center endorsed products I lost the link for.  I only take two things daily, Tumeric and Ashwagandha but I am familiar with a few others and one was Amalaki but I had not taken it yet as I had not found where to get it at a local store. The products not only had those but other ancient Ayurvedic herbs I am familiar with.  I was thrilled with I got a call from distributor and heard more about how I could get involved.  Being me I took some time, compared to things I had looked at, researched and researched  some more and well I am proud to say I know am enjoying all of the products, minus one.

The cleanse.

photo 1

Yep, on my desk sits a box of Purify.  I cringed at that one. I admit it. I put that box on my desk and sort of ignored it.  I mean I am queen of saying “you don’t need a cleanse, especially one that comes in a box or bottles”.   I opened the box and saw a nice booklet,  AM & PM detox capsules, a bottle of fiber and a bottle of detox oil. The oil gave me a flash back to something Dr. Scott Gearson shared at the workshop all those years ago that must have been lodged in my mind somehow. I then flashed back to the cleanse I did for Candida as a teen. I shuddered.  I packed everything back in the box.  I’d find someone to do the cleanse I thought. I don’t need that.

Inside the box

Inside the box

The booklet called to me. Along with reading and hearing  more from some of my fellow Zrii fans.  While I don’t need any weight loss at this time, I do need to detox from the stress I have going on in my life, some crappy food choices I sometimes make at work, I could use some more energy and Goddess knows I could use some clarity of thinking. I am not feeling as glowing as I was a few months ago. I read on in the book and agreed that my digestion really could use a boost and while I am an avid tongue cleaner, I’d love to see my tongue change and get a healthy spring cleaning too.

I decide I’ll do it. I actually need it. It will be a really wonderful self care gift to myself.  I am cleaning out things in my life and so why not a cleanse for the body too.

The woman who was not even going to look at or try a cleanse, is now really excited to start my cleanse. Who knew?  I joined a facebook group and am already thinking happily about what meals I will cook during the cleanse to support it.

I will share here how it is going. What I am cooking and all that fun stuff.

If you think you want to join me in this feel free to email me (Shelly@Lucidwellness.com)  or contact me through my website  or facebook/twitter and I’ll share how you can get your own kit and how to join the facebook group. The cleanse only lasts one week and the facebook group is open from May 15 till June 30 and you just pick your own seven days to do the cleanse. If I can do it and your on the fence about doing it, come on and join me. We can do it together.

Well the tea-cup is empty and I want to go flip through a few cookbooks to pick out some recipes to make during my cleanse.




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