Cleanse results

So here it is the day after the seven-day cleanse.  I made it.  Was it horrible?  No. Was it hard? No. Did I have some challenges? Yes.  Would I do it again. Read on.

Like I said in my last post I wasn’t one for doing cleanses. I had done one when I was 17 after finding out I was ill with Epstein Barrs Virus and Candida. I had to go on a very limited diet and the cleanse was part of it. Wasn’t the worst thing in the world but it did leave a memory logged in my mind that cleanses were nasty things.

While the Purify cleanse is a cleanse , it can also bring about weight loss. Something I admit, I don’t need at this time. The cleanse part yes. I try my best to eat well,l but hey I am human, I mess up. I also had been feeling sluggish, not mentally sharp and just wanting to clean out the long winter heaviness from my body to get ready for the lightness of spring.  I’ve had my fair share of stress and hoped the toxicity  that most likely was in my body as a result would be cleared out. At the very least, I was hoping for better digestion and maybe a little glow to my skin.

Inside the box

Inside the box

The first two days of my cleanse I was a little tired. I was happy to have listened and started the cleanse on a couple of days I had off work. I was able to rest, care of myself and just allow the process to get started. It also gave me the time to adjust to a new routine.  I experienced fatigue and a mile headache. Nothing more. Not horrible at all.

Day three found me back at work. Made it threw it just fine. I did have to do part of the cleanse when I got home instead of with my dinner but I didn’t notice any difference.

Day four was the odd day. I woke up to notice my hair was a bit more oily. A little patch of eczema I had starting behind my ear was gone. I was more startled by the oily hair. After discussing with someone on the fb cleanse group it hit me I had dry scalp before this started and now it was changing back to what it should be. Balance was coming back to my body.

Day five was uneventful. Day six I had someone comment on my energy and glow. Day seven I had a couple of coworkers compliment me as well on my glow.

In the end I can say I am back to being “regular”, my digestion feels better, people are saying I am glowing . I’d say I got what I was hoping for. Plus I feel more grounded, and thinking is more clear.

I did try my best to follow the suggestion of eating a mostly plant-based diet and no processed foods but well I cheated. After a day of working next to the bakery for 6 hours, I found myself craving baked goods with an intense craving that after work when I stopped at a local store, somehow an organic blueberry pie landed in my shopping basket. Next thing I know I am having a small sliver with a cup of ginger tea.  What can I say? I am human.

I enjoyed having the Achieve shake for breakfast. I did eat a normal breakfast as, like I said, I wasn’t looking for weight loss.  I had the dutch chocolate, since I am an admitted choco-holic, and it is so amazingly good!  I am still blown away on how low the sugar content is and how the protein content is. Hello? How did they do that?

I slacked on doing more yoga and meditation to go along with this. I wont lie and say I did. Life happens and I allowed it to push out the extra self-care I hoped to do. I am at the point of fixing that at the moment. Again, I am only human and can’t control situations around me. I just need to change how I react to them. Though I am thinking doing more self-care after the cleanse might just not be a bad idea. I know I could use it.

So in the end, I am feeling like I am more focused on the projects I have in front of me, my skin is glowing, my digestion is great and well, even though I ate pretty good and wasn’t trying to lose weight, I lost 3 lbs. I have to wonder if that was 3lbs of toxic crap I didn’t need.  Everything is still fitting the same and I don’t see where I lost the weight from honestly. The  softness and glow to my hair, it’s still there. I am pretty stoked about that change.

I would highly recommend this cleanse to anyone looking for a cleanse where you don’t have to starve, only eat liquids and are looking for something a bit more gentle. It’s based on ancient ayurvedic medicine and used gentle herbs are known in ayurveda to heal and detox the body.  The cleanse consists of some am pills, some pm pills and then a fiber powder and a yummy tasting oil. I found if I mixed the fiber and the oil with some organic soy milk or almond milk it was really tasty. Some times I just tossed it in with my shake though for ease.

If you would like to know more feel free to contact me at or check out my Zrii page where you can buy your kit and learn more about these amazing products.

Till next week!




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