Not Tartare but still good- Sausage Mix & Kale Sandwich

I love the restaurant issue of Bon Appetit. It gets me dreaming again about working in a professional kitchen. Which tends to inspires me to get in my kitchen after feeling sort of blah. That tends to happen with me as seasons changes. As summer ended and fall is starting , I am really ready for menu changes.

It was the “dish of the year” that caught my attention in this issue. Tartare. (check out the  sexy food video here )   There were two tartare dishes that won are restaurants that sit right next to each other. The one from Joule that inspired this far from a tartare dish I cooked. I know crazy but it looked so beautiful and with my pregnant daughter living with us, I really can’t do tartare. Sure seems to be a lot of new food rules with pregnant women. Hello safety of our food supply? Rant for another time.

I decided to take some of what sounded delish in the tartare recipe and cook it up and make a hearty sandwich for dinner. The result was clean plates, fully bellies and smiles. Not bad.


Sausage Mix & Kale Sandwich

    • Grinder rolls
    • 1 lb hot italian sausage (bulk or out of casings or your fav mix of meat, like lamb and beef even)
    • small onion – chopped
    • Scallions-chopped
    • pine nuts-toasted
    • beef steak tomatoes (or leftover tomatoes from your garden this time of year) -Chopped
    • tomato paste
    • herbamore seasoning
    • basil
    • Kale- cut or torn up by hand
    • cooking sherry
    • salt and pepper to taste


What you do:

    1. In a hot heavy skillet add olive oil and cook onions and scallions.
    2. Add sausage and cook till browned
    3. Add a sprinkling of pine nuts,  tomatoes and tomato paste. Adding water if needed to thin out tomato paste. Cook for 1- 2 mins more
    4. Season, taste and adjust if needed
    5. KALE- in a large pan heat oil, add garlic and cook for 1 min till releases scent. Add another sprinkling of pine nuts. stir.  Add kale and cook untill wilted. Add a splash of sherry, mix.
    6. Toast rolls, split and serve with kale and cooked sausage mixture inside.

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