I’ve been missing….



I really can’t believe it’s been since October that I last put a post up for this blog. I really didn’t think it had been that long. I really have been missing.

I have also been missing cooking. Over the summer I quit my part-time job and took a full-time job. I work a lot of nights and so that means my family is used to a new chef or me leaving a crockpot with dinner in it.

I’ve been missing my family around the dinner table and hearing the silliness that is that warm spot in my heart.

I’m missing being creative, both in the kitchen and out of it. I miss writing on this blog, I miss taking pictures of food, heck I miss eating out at places, snapping pictures and posting reviews!

I’ve also been missing feeling like myself. Something as a health coach I have been pretty darn embarrassed to admit. I’ve been struggling with a health issue for months….ok honestly longer. I just didn’t know how bad it was getting. I was telling a dear friend today that for the first time in a long time I am feeling like I am coming slowly out of a really dark place in my life.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and soul-searching while I find my way out of this dark spot and slowly get my health back.  I’ve decided to let a few things go.  I’ll be sharing a few those things as time goes on. For right now I want to share with my readers who also follow my health coaching biz, Lucid Wellness, that I am officially closing it.  *GASP*  This will happen this upcoming week.

Now that doesn’t mean I wont be a health coach. I still am and to be honest, in my heart always will be. I just wont be doing it under the business name, Lucid Wellness, any longer.  While I love the name, the logo my husband lovingly created for me and all the support local small business have given me, I feel like there is a disconnect from me, Shelly, the health coach and person with a heart for helping others.

I am still here to help anyone who would like help. I am just going to be doing it much differently. I am still here for anyone wanting reiki sessions. If you’re looking for help learning to cook, I am still here as well.

What has been missing , or what I have been missing while running a business the way I was taught to do, with all these expectations and rules is doing things my way. I also hid a little about some of my other gifts. I am also an intuitive. There have been many times while doing a reiki session or even a health coaching session I have received messages from the angels and guides of the person I am working with. It has perplexed me how to share these things with others. I finally just started sharing. Especially after one angel became very persistent and I saw how important the message was to the person who needed to receive it.  I have been worried what that would do to my “brand”.  Silly I know.


There’s a lot I would love to share in this post but I think it would end up being a book. What I would like to share before closing this is, I plan on getting back into cooking and sharing here on this blog. After all it was cooking that helped save me before, it can do it again along with other tools I have in my bag. I will be switching from posting recipes on Tuesday to Friday.

It hasn’t been uncommon for me to post something about health on this page and I plan on doing that. I will be sharing in the future what the health issue has been that is going on with me and what has worked and what hasn’t.  I feel like I need to share to help others.

I look forward to sharing good health and great food with you!




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  1. Hi Shelly,  I’ve missed reading your posts.  I too love to cook and am always working on something with my physical condition.  Those conditions change often and sometimes get piggy-backed together so much so that I have to pick which one I’ll work on today.  If I was to visit my nature path, I wouldn’t know on any given day which “issue” I’d mention first. Keep writing.  Like you, I believe food can help your body heal itself. Karen

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