It’s a boy!- Pasta w/Kale Pesto

I am admitting to taking a shortcut this week with my blog post. I am sharing a post from last year. I did make this dish this week , actually last night, but this week was not a week for new recipes for me.  Instead I was doing something a little more important. Trying to take care of myself and be gentler and kinder to myself during this time of great change and help someone else very near and dear to me who is going through some changes of her own and who needed some love and kindness and a pair of hands to help.

See my daughter gave birth to her first child earlier this month. A little boy. He is just the new little love of our lives in our home. Yes, my daughter lives with us, as things with the father didn’t go as planned but you know life happens and having my grandson under my roof is a treat. My daughter is a go getter and worked up till the day she went into labor. So I know after she gets back to work and a routine I know she and her son will be moving into a place of their own. So I’ll take the gift of extra grandma snuggles and time with him living here with us. I am learning life changes in the blink of an eye. With that I am trying to learn to hard to live in the moment and take what comes.

I was flipping through the latest prevention magazine looking at recipes and realized I had made this before and forgot all about it. Figured it was great for a new mom for dinner so I whipped it up yesterday with fresh kale.

You can find the recipe here:

Pasta w/Kale Pesto

I’ll see you next week with a new recipe!



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