Breathe in….hold….exhale…..

After a year of feeling crappy and nearly begging for doctors to take me serious I finally found one who listened. Not just listened but actually said it’s going to be ok. He ran the tests I had been trying to get done and sure enough something came back. On a positive note it’s something I know can be dealt with and taken care of.

The health coach in me of course wants to get out of my books, read and do research and heal myself with food.  But, for the first time in my life I am being sensible and waiting for my follow up  appointment to discuss what my doctor thinks and work with him. He’s more sensible than the quacks and heartless doctors I have seen over the past months. So I’ll sit here and enjoy the cool of the evening on my deck , and the music playing in the back ground.


For a two year span this blog had a lot of dairy free recipes. I will still be doing those from time to time as my new grandson has milk sensitivities and so my daughter has to go dairy free since she is nursing him. But  since I was just told I am pre diabetic  I am thinking a new change will be coming to this site as I work my way to feeling better with his treatment and nourishing foods. I have a lot of questions going through my head .

What I know I need right now is to create a recipe for  relaxing and taking better care of myself by being easier on myself.  This feeling like crap for so long has not just icky but a bit confused about my role as a health coach too. I mean, I should be the star of health right?  Heck I had a day of feeling emotionally crappy after being told I am pre diabetic. I mean I should be able to avoid that. I eat healthy, I am at a good weight (maybe thin even) and my cholesterol levels are amazing as my doctor said.  So how the heck did I get this?  I’ve guessed a few things but till I see my doctor I wont know for sure.  I do know I need to stop beating myself up for this and other things going on with my health that are out of my control.

I suppose I need to mix up a few parts of spending time with those I love, mixed with letting go of those who cause me stress. Blend that with healthy foods, exercise and self love and start a side of a good meditation routine.  Add in laughter, doing things I love and going easy on myself. Let that all sort of sit and see what happens.


When the time is right, I will share my crazy journey for trying to get to feeling like myself. For now all I can think about is the sunset that is waiting for me and taking a good walk.


What are you going to do for you today? How about tomorrow?

Till next time, when I will share a lovely recipe with you.




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