My Grandson’s Courage

My daughter and Colton

My daughter and Colton

Today I am reaching out to you my readers, friends and family. I mentioned in my last post that my grandson had been in the hospital and had received a diagnosis that was not good. He had been in the hospital for nearly the whole month of August fighting off pneumonia which is hard for a baby usually but when that baby has SMA1 it is harder.

SMA1,( spinal muscular atrophy stage 1) is the most severe. It is a genetic disorder that slowly robs a child of their muscle strength until they are unable to do even things like eat or breathe on their own. There is more information the link I am going to share below.


My grandson, Colton , is an amazing little guy. He is smart, loves to be in the kitchen watching the busy work or out on walks looking at trees. We were so blessed that Yale Hospital has a healing garden in the cancer center we could take Colton for walks out on. He loved it. Now that he is home he loves his walks around the neighborhood. He smile, laughs and just brings joy to his mom and everyone around him.

My daughter is a single mom and due to the extensive stay in the hospital as well as his condition and the level of care he needs, she  had to take leave of her job. She’s a strong young woman who’s only concern is finding the best treatment and care for her son and making his life as joyful and loving as she can.


I knows times are hard right now. Believe me I know first hand. But if you could share the link, this page or even just pray , sending healing energy and love and light their way it would be most appreciated.

You can find all the information you need here: Colton’s Courage

Thank you.



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