Fall back, moving forward.

First don’t forget that tonight you move your clocks back one hour. This means an extra hour of sleep, snuggling, eating, drinking, or whatever it is that makes you happy. I am hoping maybe to get in some meditation tomorrow before work as I’ve got a little routine going and have found a great yoga routine I love.

Next I am moving forward after some months off of health coaching and doing reiki. While I do have to keep my day job due to health insurance needs, I miss teaching others to cook, coaching folks and doing reiki.  They are things I love and am passionate about.

One thing I needed to change was my URL here at wordpress.  It was kittysthoughts.wordpress.com.  The reason is years ago when I started this blog I was just having some fun after a really horrible NYC pub trip and wanting to share my love of food and great places to eat. Originally this was StoutKitty’s blog which was a nickname I had. I changed the blog name but never the url. As the years have gone on I have shared my health issues, going to school, family news and lots more with my readers. I really felt it was time to match URL to  the blog name.

So please make sure to book mark the new URL and come back often. Also either follow or sign up to get an email when there is a new post. You can  follow me on Twitter at Shellyscookery as well.

If your interested in learning more about my health coaching or reiki services please check out the sidebar to the right and clicking on “About Shelly” and follow the link to my health coaching site.

Ok untill next time when I share a new recipe with you!




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