Sleep, sleep where are you??

Well I had an article recently published at FitTv and I wanted to share with my readers. I just recently left my retial job and I would have never though what the crazy hours would do to my sleep. Now I do have a health issue that contributes to it but when I was in the throws of my insominia I would have done anything for a good nights sleep. I actually was sleep deprived at one point I felt like I was loosing my mind.  At first teas helped. But as I kept working closing shifts followed by opening shifts my sleep pattern that I had got thrown off.   I’ve read it can take months to recover. I was put on early shifts and had to get some sleep which just added to the stress.  I am now sleeping but it took a fair amount of sleep hygeine to be able to even get 6 hours of sleep at night instead of 3 maybe 4 that was always inturrupted. Having added stress didn’t help any of this either.

I tried a number of things from teas to when I got desperate perscription drugs that ended up making me feeling worse. Want to know what finally worked? Check out my story here.

Later this week I will return with a healthy easy recipe for you to cook up in your kitchen that is sure to be a hit.




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