Where has the pleasure gone?

Last year when my grandson was in the hospital, before he was diagnosed with SMA Type 1, someone said to either my daughter or myself the following:

“Some children are like dandelions, they bloom where ever they are planted. Other children are like orchids and need just the right conditions to thrive”

That saying keeps coming back to me even though we know he was even more special that an orchid.  I have since changed it to “some people”.   I personally know that I am more like an orchid. I use to like to think I bloomed where ever I was planted but some heavy stress in my life showed me other wise in my health.

As I type, the snow if falling at a nice steady rate outside my window. It’s the winter that wont seem to end. I laughed the other night as a commercial told me it was time to feed my lawn. What lawn? I am not sure I will see my lawn for several more months at this rate. Usually I like to plant my peas around St. Patrick’s day but it’s not going to happen with the couple of feet of snow covering my veggie garden box.

All of these are signs it’s still time to keep life at a slower pace for now and enjoy it while we can. My life has been filled with signs to take life slower. I laughed the other day as I was singing along to a new favorite tune on the radio and realized even the song is about taking your time.

Winter is a time of going in and reflecting. I sat reflecting on my life, the recent job changes I have made in my part-time gotta work for insurance job and even in my health coaching practice. How I am going back from the rush, rush, rush or trying to be super woman to simply being myself and finding pleasure in my days. Even if I have to carve it out for myself and tell people no.

Finding pleasure in your life is important to your physical, emotional and spiritual health. If you don’t believe me look around at those people in your life who are stressed out and then those who might be super busy but are happy and glowing with health. I am sure the key to it is pleasure.

So here’s my top 5 ways to find pleasure and slow down in my life to improve my health and well-being.

1. Savor my meals. Take the time to actually taste the food. Not just shovel it in.

2. Breathe.  We all breathe naturally but do you really take the time to take a deep breath and exhale. Mindfully breathing?

3. Stop and stare. Take a moment out of your day to do nothing. Stare out a window, stop at beach, sit on  a bench. Just take a moment to do nothing.

4. Gratitude. Be thankful for what you do have in your life.Take the time to journal it , write a thank you note and let folks know you care.

5. Me time.  Take time each day to do something you love or that makes you smile. If it brings joy to others bonus!


I’m not so sure our world is feeding us the message to take care of ourselves and find what is right for each of us. For a long time I was going at full speed, trying to bloom where I was planted and far to plugged in.  The cost as I mentioned before, was my health. It also stole my joy.

Where is your pleasure? What will you do for yourself today to being your joy?  Life it to short to not enjoy the one life we were given. Stop and really think about it.

Untill next time.


P.S.  If you’re having a hard time with your health, weight or just being sick and tired of  being sick and tired, click on my health coaching link on the upper right side of this blog.  I’d love to help you on your journey to getting back to finding pleasure in your life.



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