What is a Country Style Rib? And other ponderings.

Lately I keep looking at this blog and wanting to change it. I have a feeling in the next couple of weeks it will look different. The urge to rearrange and make it more user friendly is becoming more of need than a want for me lately. I see it moving up on my to-do list. 

Lots of things are changing. I don’t know why this surprises me so much at times. Really there is no constant or normal in life. It is always changing. Change is the only thing that one can really count on. What I am use to today will be different weeks, months and years from now. I can say, “when my kids were this age (fill in the blank), it was some of the best times for our family”. But really I can say that at any time. Sure my dinner table is not filled with my kids and I ponder if we need this huge farmhouse table my husband built anymore. But now I have time to get to know this guy I have been married to for 26 year too.  It’s a different time for us. Something we have never had since we got married and then started our family.  I am also am getting to know me. I have more time to myself these days. To do those things I said I would do. To try things I thought I wouldn’t  have guessed I would do.   Change is always happening. While I love the comfort of a routine and to have those around me I love, it’s not always possible and I have to look within to find the comfort I need. To put my hopes in anyone or anything else to provide that sense of grounding is just not right. It is expecting to much of others. I am responsible for my own happiness. 

Then there is the change that comes in the stuff your use to having. Say like a gas bbq girll in the backyard.  I can’t even remember when we bought it. I know I was so excited for my husband to have such a nice grill. We had a green weber charcoal grill before that. But we were new homeowners and while the charcoal grill was great, we wanted the big silver grill in the yard as we had a large family and had their friends over a lot. Ok hoenstly I was terrified the flames form the charcoal grill being used on our decks off our kitchenw ere going to catch the wood shingles on our house on fire. So enter the gas grill and the above ground pool stage in our life. 

 Recently the grill in my opinion died. There I was looking at new grills on line when my husband walks in and says “what you doing?” I tell him and he then shares with me he ordered the parts for way less than the full cost of our girll to fix it.  The parts arrive, a trip or two to the local hardward shop for a few nuts and bolts to fix something else and viola, it’s fixed.  My husband has always been fabulous at fixing things. I’ve addmitted it was in the top five reasons for marrying him. 

Summer is that time for using the grill and cooking outside so we don’t heat up the kitchen. So this was a bit different to not have a grill to cook on. I was looking through the local grocery store flyer and saw that Country style ribs were on sale. My first thought was let’s grill those tasty suckers up. But the grill was not fixed as of yet. So I went  looking for something else. In my hunt, I discovered that country style ribs are not ribs at all.

So what are they? Well they are from the shoulder. Sometimes they have the bone in them , like I used in the recipe below, or they are boneless. They are part of the loin so really the name is Pork Loin Country Style Ribs.  I know they have great flavor and are much cheaper than ribs with more meat and well this past week they were a steal at my loal store.

With the grill broken and a hot Sunday ahead it was crockpot time. I debated tossing them in with a dry rub. Then I thought of making a sauce. My thoughts then went Asian.  I found the following recipe at Manilaspoon.com  

Everyone loved them. Which I think I have mentioned before I am now feeding a house full of guys. This was easy too. I just popped it all in before I left for Yoga class. Came home, enjoyed my day and later made up the Asian Slaw to go with it and we were sitting around the table eating before going out to garden in the cooler evening air. 

Crockpot Asian Syle BBQ Country Style Ribs

  • 3/4 cup of brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup of honey (real honey)
  • 1/2 cup of soy sauce or Tamari
  •  1/2 cup of ketchup ( no HFCS in it, Trader Joe’s brand organic brands don’t have HFCS in them)
  • 3 TBLS of Sweet Chili Sauce ( Again no HFCS in it)
  • 4 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 knob of fresh ginger, minced
  • 1 tsp celtic sea salt
  • fresh ground black pepper to taste
  • 1 tsp red chili flakes (optional but add if you want a little kick)
  • 5lbs of Country Style Pork Ribs
  1. In a bowl mix all the ingredient for the sauce together with a whisk. 
  2. Dip each rib into the sauce to get it coated and place in crockpot.
  3. Pour remaining sauce over ribs in crockpot and put the lid on it.
  4. Cook on low for 7-8 hrs.
  5. Enjoy!

Why am I saying to avoid HFCS (high fructose corn syrup).  I do it as I have an allergy to it. I get headaches, cystic like acne on my face and bad fatique from it.  BUT if you are trying to loose weight, get healtheir or just plane feel good, you should skip this crappy sweetener like it’s poison.  Simply cutting HFCS out of your diet can help you big time with weight loss.

Give it a try for a few weeks. See how you feel. I’d love to hear from you.

Blessings and good health!


Certified Holistic Helath Coach, registered with the American Association of Drugless Practritioners

Reiki Practitioner


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