Summer fruits-Raspberries

I keep hearing all this talk about how it’s the last few weeks of summer. Um, no. Fall starts September 23rd and I plan to get every last drop I can out of this summer.

One of my favorite things about summer is all the fruit. I am sucker for it. I tend to eat more vegetarian in the hot months but that goes along with how my body works best. If I eat to heavy or greasy food I feel like crap. I’ve noticed my most intense burger cravings happen in the fall and late winter.  Now in the summer, I love to eat fruit and lots of it.

raspberries in my garden

raspberries in my garden

Just about 15 years ago when we bought our little beach house it had no gardens at all. The first spring my husband went straight to work putting in some beds for me to grown things I love. At our old house we had blackberries that grew wild on the side of the house ,  along with an old cherry tree smack in the middle of our yard. My kids loved that tree and it was sad when we moved and the tree and the house were taken down  to build a large office building.  I enjoyed a larger garden at the old house, but here I’ve worked with what I have and have never been disappointed.  When my husband put in the beds I knew I wanted berries. We bought a blueberry bush and a raspberry bush. I had no luck with the blueberry bush and honestly think something ate it as it just vanished. The raspberry bush grew and turned into many bushes.  Each summer I get two crops from them. One short crop that I usually use for snacking and then a second crop that is larger and  easier to make jams, syrup, freeze some , bake some and of course snack on.


This year, with less kids home now and maybe even better weather for the berries and more attention they got early this spring, I had a larger first crop than normal and was able to make some fresh raspberry syrup for waffles for the family.

I shared my waffle/pancake mix , now I am going to share how really crazy easy it is to make a fresh syrup for yourself.  The best part, you control what goes into it.  The junk you put in it the more you can taste the natural sweetness of the berries and not a bunch of chemicals. If you don’t have fresh berries you can use frozen but I really suggest using fresh when every possible. Nothing wrong with frozen at all. But if you got a pick your own farm locally, go pick some and come home and enjoy some time in the kitchen making up your own stuff from scratch and see how different it feels and tastes.

image image

Berry syrup

  • 3 cups of berries
  • 1/2 cup of sugar
  • 1/4 cup of water
  • 1 Tbs of butter

Wash and drain fresh berries and place in a pot. Mash lightly with a masher or a fork.  Add sugar and water and cook on med heat till mixture comes to a low boil. Turn heat to simmer and stir often to keep from burning to bottom of pot.  Simmer mixture for about 20 mins or untill thick. Pour into a jar or serving dish and use  right then or place jar of syrup , once cooled, in fridge for up to 5 days.

Enjoy this syrup on pancakes, waffles, scones, or even ice cream! Add to yogurt or mix with granola.

*Extra berry tip, if your going to freeze your berries, place them on a cookie sheet and put in freezer. Once frozen, you can pour them into a bag. This makes it easier to get out just the amount you want when you need them. I love adding frozen berries to smoothies, baked goodies and pancake batter.

Untill next time!



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