Got a weight loss goal? Simple tips to help.

imageIt’s the new year and a lot of people are looking to lose  weight after a holiday season of eating, drinking and being merry.  No reason for feeling guilty for the fun you have had. Look back, smile and move on. Yesterday is over, tomorrow isn’t here , you only have today, this moment and you can make a few small changes right now that will show results later on.

Here’s my list of easy steps you can take to lose weight and have more energy:

  1.  Water- Drink more water. It’s simple, easy and most of us have easy access to it everywhere. Hate water? Add lemon, lime or other fruits to give it a little flavor.  If your one who drinks a lot of soda swap out one soda a day for a week with water, the next week do two and so on. Using mineral water with fruit is a great soda swap.
  2. Stop the sugar dance-  A lot of folks have the idea that fats cause people to get fat. While there are some fats you should avoid, sugar is the true enemy when loosing weight. Most people are not even aware of how much sugar they eat and drink.  Some folks can easily cut sugar and for others it is harder. If you’re in the harder group find easy places to drop the sugar. If you’re a sugar in your coffee person. Opt to add spices like cinnamon (which helps with stabilizing sugar levels) , nutmeg, cloves, ginger to your coffee instead.  Read labels and find products with less sugar or no sugar or sugar alternative added. Like pasta sauce. Who needs high fructose sugar in their pasta sauce?
  3. Chew- I know you chew your food but do you just chew enough to get it down your throat as you have the fork waiting with the next bite to cram down your throat?  I’m guilty of this. Especially when I use to work a job that had me on the go and my break was not as relaxing. I found myself bringing my shovel my food down my throat routine from work home with me. Chewing untill your a total of 15-20 times (I know that sounds crazy) not only helps your body digest it easier giving you the nutrients you need from your food, it also slows you down which gives your brain and stomach time to communicate letting you know when you are really full. You will notice less feeling overly full if you try this out.
  4. Move- Yes, I am going to tell you to exercise . Thing is find something you like. Last year when I joined my local gym I was offered a free training session. I decided to do the session. I think the trainer was awesome but what I noticed is he did the same session with everyone, with just a few small tweets. So while my son loved the session, I was sure I would never do it again. To this day, I have not stepped foot in that part of the gym ever again.  He did give me lots of great info and I have used the things I like. While Yoga was my main reason for joining this gym it was suggested I try pilates. When I met a woman who invited me to try the class with her I found I really like it. I have yet to try the Zumba class. I am more of a Masala Bhangra girl. Think Bollywood meets Zumba.  Walk, skate, dance around your house. Whatever that will get you moving, do it. 20 mins a day is best.
  5. Meditation- Meditation has proven to cause relaxation. it helps with stress, anxiety and that in turn helps with cortisol levels that  pack on pounds that sneak on even if your eating really well. You don’t have to find a guru and have a special room to meditate. Just sitting quietly for 20 mins will work. You can chant a mantra or you can stare out the window or sit at the beach. There’s even proof that the new craze of coloring is equal to meditating. I can believe that as chopping vegetables is soothing to me.  Taking quiet time will put you at more ease during your day and help you with making better choices for yourself.
  6. Speak Kindly to yourself- I had planned on only doing 5 tips, so this one is a bonus. Please, please, drop the negative talk about yourself.  Learn to speak kindly and lovingly to yourself. Speak to yourself in the way you wish you to spoken to. No matter where you are on your journey. Love the curve of your hips, the softness of your belly, the extra junk in your trunk.  Love your body. Focus on health not numbers on the scale. Focus on increasing your energy levels and not what you can’t fit into. Tell yourself how wonderful you are . For you really are wonderfully made.


I wish you a very happy new year and may you have a year filled with love, laughter and lots of wonderful memories.




*If you are interested in working with me as a health coach please send me an email at



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