Bistrot Paul Bert’s Steak a la Bourguignonne

This week’s FFWD recipe was actually Bistrot Paul Bert’s Pepper Steak. The recipe as Dorie says in her book comes from a favorite family owned restaurant in Paris. I read over the recipe and thought it sounded delightful but when I looked on the side and saw the “Bonne Idee” for the steak done a la Bourguignone I was sold on that instead. So instead of having a creamy sauce with peppers and Congnac this one was done with red wine, shallots and garlic and some butter of course.

This was a simple, quick and easy dish that I think anyone could do and do well. I even think this would make a week night meal. Dori suggest serving it with Frites (fries) but I went the healthy way and served it with green beans.

Now the recipe does call for Filets Mignons. If you can get them I say enjoy! I admit I wont feed my family anything but organic, hormone and antibiotic free beef so Filets Mignons was out for us. It happened to be $26 a pound. Not happening when you got to feed five people. So I happily went with a cheaper cut of a top round steak. At under $8 a pound and still meeting my organic needs it worked perfectly. I have had Filets Mignons a few times in my life and yes they were melt in your mouth tender but I must say my grass fed top round steak was pretty darn tender and melted in my mouth. So don’t shy away from this recipe if your cooking along in the book and don’t want to buy Filets Mignons. You don’t need to.

For the wine I used Fat Bastard Shiraz. I did forget one thing at the end of making the sauce and that was Dori suggests adding a little cold butter in bits to it. We found my cold butter bits in the bowl a couple days later. Oopss. No mater it was a delicious sauce served over the steak. I used the butter in a pasta sauce a few days later. No I am not afraid of butter in moderation. Your brain needs some fats to function.

So again I can’t post the recipe as per the rules of French Fridays with Dorie cooking club but you can find the recipe in her book “Around My French Table” on page 238.

Oh to those curious….the vanilla eclairs I was doing last week. Total epic failure. I did learn I can make a pretty good custard but pastry is still not something I am to great at. Oh well live and learn.


Garlicky Crumb Coated Broccoli (FFWD)

I am a little late posting last week’s cooking project with French Fridays with Dorie. We cooked garlicky crumb coated broccoli. It was a great and easy side dish. You needed very little, steamed the broccoli in bamboo steamers and finished it off in a pan very quickly. Think this took me all of 15 minutes total to make and that was even the prep time. I did get my water boiling for the steamer while I was doing the other prep work. I really felt that this side dish could lend itself to most anything. From steak to even a roast. I think if you try the recipe you will like it. I know on the FFWD site people who said they were not fond of broccoli enjoyed it cooked this way. So might be good for finicky kids too. One of the rules of this cooking club is you can’t post the recipe but if you pick up a copy of “Around My French Table” you can find it in there. It’s really easy. I am betting some folks can figure this one out on their own.

I decided to serve this with a chicken dish as Dorie suggests in her book. So I made Chicken with Le Gruyere, Sage and easy pan sauce. While this dish was a little more work it really wasn’t hard. I think it would make a great weekend dish for someone with not a lot of time to cook during the week. It would also work for a dinner party I think. I really enjoyed it. You could pound the chicken breasts out ahead of time I think to save time if you wanted to and then quickly assemble before cooking in the pan. I served the chicken whole but the recipe , if you click on the link above, shows it cut into beautiful little slices.

I mention the chicken dish was more work as the day I made this I had no interest in cooking. If my husband had said he’d take us out I would have gone. Ok I am lying. He did actually offer as he could see I was not in the mood to cook that night but I pushed through and I am really glad I did with my hubby cheering me on. Pounding out the chicken was therapeutic and the end result was so wonderful I forgot I didn’t want to cook to begin with. Not to mention the rave reviews I got from my family. My youngest daughter was home too. One of those rare days, so having her in the kitchen was wonderful. I miss cooking with her honestly. So see cooking can be healing even if you don’t feel like you want to.

I found the chicken recipe at Whole Foods. I am really loving Whole Foods as they make my menu planning and shopping easier. They have great recipes which I can put into recipe box online. I can make a shopping list from those recipes or my own and even print out coupons to use in the store. Very easy.

I served this meal with the White wine I used to cook the chicken which was Goat White by a winery in NY called Bully Hill Wines. I’ve really enjoyed their wines lately.

Next up, Dorie’s Vanilla Eclairs. Wish me luck with that one.

Till next time!

Quick weeknight meal- Leeks Fettuccine

I’ve been reading some of the books by Mireille Guiliano from the “French Women Don’t Get Fat” series. I’ve honestly had some great success after making changes to my lifestyle (notice I didn’t say diet) from the great info I have gotten in the books. I didn’t thinking loosing those stubborn pounds was going to be easy. I had been trying other ways (starving doesn’t work at all) and I am not fond of diet foods. I mean have you looked at the list of chemicals and sugar in most of them? If not please go read any of the things you might have in your home or are about to eat.

I love to cook and some of my friends have mentioned they don’t have time to cook like I do, let alone don’t feel like cooking when they reach the end of the day. Hey I totally get that. I have my days of not wanting to cook either or life just gets busy. So I figured I would try to post now and then some of the easy quick meals that my family likes. This one happens to be from Mireille’s “French Women For All Seasons” and is on her website. It’s one of my new favorite pasta recipes. It’s fast, fresh, simple and best of all, my men folk approved. Men out number the ladies in my home and so if it passes their approval and they are full after then it works. I mention this as Leeks Fettuccine looked to simple a recipe and I worried it would not fill my guys. I was happily proven wrong.

The following recipe serves 4. So adjust to your needs. I have not tried it reheated as there is nothing left usually when we serve it.

Leeks Fettuccine
*What you will need:
3⁄4 pound fettuccine
6 tablespoons olive oil
1 pound leeks, white parts only, sliced into 1-inch pieces
4 ounces Parmesan cheese, freshly grated
Salt and freshly ground pepper
8 thin slices of prosciutto

*What to do:

1. Cook your pasta according to the directions or your taste.
2.While pasta is cooking, in another pan, heat oil over medium high and saute Leeks till they are soft and translucent in color.
3. Drain your pasta and then add to the Leeks along with your Parmesan and salt and pepper to taste. Toss to get everything coated.
4. Garnish with the prosciutto.
5. Eat and enjoy.

That’s it! Serve with a nice glass of wine and your good to go. I am telling you this whole thing takes 25 mins tops to make.