About Shelly


So who am I?  Well it is super easy to say I am a mom , wife and grandmother.  For 15+ years I homeschooled my five  children in what I use to call “The One Room Schoolhouse”.  Which was really at our kitchen table. Four of my five kids are now adults with families of their own, in college or having their own adventures.  My youngest now goes to high school as he has an addiction to soccer, umm…football as I would be corrected by him. So being on the local team meant going to school.

At one time our family had plans to move from Connecticut to the south and buy a farm and begin our journey of living off the grid. While it was a great dream a lot of things stopped us from going and to be honest, now days. I am grateful.  We live in a really great beach neighborhood with wonderful neighbors. Our property is very tiny but it’s enough and sometimes my husband I joke it’s too much and we look forward to the day of moving to condo and traveling the world.  While my garden is small it does contain all my favorites, flowers, medicinal/cooking herbs, berries and a small vegetable garden.

I’ve spent since my teen years, thanks to my mom and a wonderful functional medicine doctor I had as a teen, studying and learning how to use herbs and homeopathic remedies.  I love to make my own tinctures, lotions and other potions for better health for me and my family.

I love to be out in nature when possible be it walking along the shore or in the woods, kayaking with my husband or taking a peddle on my bike. I love looking at flower gardens, bird and butterfly watching and gazing at the moon.

I have a love for learning and am always looking to take a class or workshop to improve my skills. I think once you stop learning you stop really living. I’ve enjoyed cooking and health courses at The New York Botanical Gardens, local workshops, The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and hanging out with friends and neighbors to learn about their traditions. It’s always awesome to share with others. My husband and I love to try to recreate a  dish after eating out which is a great way to learn.

Currently I work a “day job”  in a wonderful assisted living facility. Rather what I like to refer to as a home that keeps a large portion of the most favorite people I adore.  I love being around my wiser friends who share their adventures, loves, losses and many other treasured stories with me.  While I am told it helps to listen to them , it helps me to hear them. So much I learn each day when I step out from the kitchen to visit in the dining room or take a meal to one of the many apartments.  I’ve learned more about life, kindness and caring and how to deal with loss. The hardest part of my job is not seasoning a soup just so, or dealing with the occasional coworker crap, but the loss of one of my friends.  Or as we are suppose to call them I suppose, our residents. I come to love each and everyone of them. I might say I have a favorite but I really favor them all. 

In my quiet times I love to read,  loom knit, sketch (badly), color and  spend time with my dear friends.

Life is meant to have pleasure and to savor it. That is my goal daily.  Even if it’s just a smile and a cup of tea.


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