My superpower is not eating cookies.

I just recently completed a challenge I set for myself. I’ve wanted to do it for awhile but something finally just clicked that now was the time to do it.

It had become very clear to me that I had a problem. I would wake up in the morning and while waiting for my healthy breakfast to cook , I would walk mindlessly over to the cookie jar and grab one out. You know because Oatmeal raisin is a health thing right? 

I would come home after work, grab a cookie on my way to the fridge to figure out what I was going to eat for lunch. 

Dinner time would find me choping vegetables and once again mindlessly grabbing another cookie out to just “hold me over” till dinner was ready.  

Sometimes I would grab a cookie before bed to go with my cup of tea.If that wasn’t enough there were times I just would grab a cookie because I passed the cookie jar. I wasn’t hungry. I didn’t need it. 

I could say that cookies are a source of comfort for me. I know they are. I know as a mom I even am guilty of when my kids were little I would offer them a cookie when they were hurt or sad. Somewhere I learned cookies the pill that cures what makes you sad. 

Last summer I was sick. I wasn’t sleeping well, I was stressed , I was told I was predibetic, I was told a bunch of other things. Doctors offered no help. My naturopath listened, did some blood work and finally I got a diagnosis. My thyroid was a little funky but the real issue was my adrenals. I was offically burnt out. I had done to much, been through to much and my body was seriously trying to get my attention to slow down.  I can see clearly how not only was my cookie addiction playing a part to “comfort me” it was also the sugar my exhausted my body was  thinking it needed to keep me going.  That cookie was doing more damage than good.

So I sat down, wrote out a plan and announced I was going to be doing this crazy kick sugars butt challenge. I was happy to find out I had a buddy who wanted to do the same thing. It is always so much easier to do something when you have support of someone else.

How did it go? Wonderully, I think.  We not only kicked sugar , we also kicked butt on white flour. We decided to go gluten free for the ten day challenge too.  Dairy was another thought to dump. The only dairy I had was plain yogurt. 

The weekend before the challenge we did go out and eat all that we wanted. There was a bday party to hit, a cherry blossom festival and well that indian place to try. It was all good.

We started the challenge on a Monday. I did a little prep work Sunday to get us ready. Off we went.

The first few days are hard. Those are the days where your sugar cravings are super hard. Where after I dropped my teenage son at school one morning , came back to the house that was completely empty, I am positive the cookie jar was calling me and the cookies were say “just one…who will know??”  That was the hardest morning for me. But I made it.  The days that followed were easier. And soon the cookie jar was just another thing in my kitchen. I just wanted something like a bagel or a crusty baguette. Oh and a glass of wine. Yes, alcohol was on the no-no list too. 

The results for me were that I lost 2 1/2 lbs. If you know me, you know I don’t need to loose weight. So I was doing a little more eating of protein snacks to keep my weight up. What I did loose was my  bloated belly. My pants fit a lot better and I felt better. I had more energy. more focus. The brain fog I had been walking around in was gone. It was an over all sense of well being that I had that made me feel like the 10 day challenge was well worth it. I wasn’t expecting to feel that good honestly. My buddy doing the challenge lost 8lbs and reported similar things, more energy, felt more focused and just feeling way better over all.

Did I go back to eating crap right after? Nope. I did have another bday party to go to and there was mother’s day and some treats my oldest son made for me. But I am happy to say that the cookie jar, is not a thought at all. I have refilled it for my son and the kids that pop in to visit but I am no longer eating cookies mindlessly. If I am going to snack while cooking dinner I eat some veggies.  I am currently in the process of maintaince. Which means lifestyle changes. Nothing drastic but it’s easy after those ten days. 

Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be they food”.  It’s true.  I felt better in just ten days than I had felt in months.  I am still following the advice of my natropath to care for my adrenals. But I am so happy that I don’t feel the way I did two weeks ago. 

So now I’m going to be sharing what I did with others. Are you looking to kick sugar to the curb? 

If your interested in doing a 10 Day KIck Sugar Challenge, send me a message here on WordPress or email me at and I’ll tell you how you join in on the challenge I am going to be helping others with. The kick off date is June 1st. I’ll be doing a prep program leading up to it.  What do you have to lose? A few pounds? Mindless eating? Feeling like crap?  I think you have more to gain. 

I’ll be providing recipes, support and tips while your on the challenge. The cost? $0.  Yes that is correct. Not a typo. I am offering this for free. There is a limited number of people I am going to have in this group program so message me to get info on how you can join in. 




Where has the pleasure gone?

Last year when my grandson was in the hospital, before he was diagnosed with SMA Type 1, someone said to either my daughter or myself the following:

“Some children are like dandelions, they bloom where ever they are planted. Other children are like orchids and need just the right conditions to thrive”

That saying keeps coming back to me even though we know he was even more special that an orchid.  I have since changed it to “some people”.   I personally know that I am more like an orchid. I use to like to think I bloomed where ever I was planted but some heavy stress in my life showed me other wise in my health.

As I type, the snow if falling at a nice steady rate outside my window. It’s the winter that wont seem to end. I laughed the other night as a commercial told me it was time to feed my lawn. What lawn? I am not sure I will see my lawn for several more months at this rate. Usually I like to plant my peas around St. Patrick’s day but it’s not going to happen with the couple of feet of snow covering my veggie garden box.

All of these are signs it’s still time to keep life at a slower pace for now and enjoy it while we can. My life has been filled with signs to take life slower. I laughed the other day as I was singing along to a new favorite tune on the radio and realized even the song is about taking your time.

Winter is a time of going in and reflecting. I sat reflecting on my life, the recent job changes I have made in my part-time gotta work for insurance job and even in my health coaching practice. How I am going back from the rush, rush, rush or trying to be super woman to simply being myself and finding pleasure in my days. Even if I have to carve it out for myself and tell people no.

Finding pleasure in your life is important to your physical, emotional and spiritual health. If you don’t believe me look around at those people in your life who are stressed out and then those who might be super busy but are happy and glowing with health. I am sure the key to it is pleasure.

So here’s my top 5 ways to find pleasure and slow down in my life to improve my health and well-being.

1. Savor my meals. Take the time to actually taste the food. Not just shovel it in.

2. Breathe.  We all breathe naturally but do you really take the time to take a deep breath and exhale. Mindfully breathing?

3. Stop and stare. Take a moment out of your day to do nothing. Stare out a window, stop at beach, sit on  a bench. Just take a moment to do nothing.

4. Gratitude. Be thankful for what you do have in your life.Take the time to journal it , write a thank you note and let folks know you care.

5. Me time.  Take time each day to do something you love or that makes you smile. If it brings joy to others bonus!


I’m not so sure our world is feeding us the message to take care of ourselves and find what is right for each of us. For a long time I was going at full speed, trying to bloom where I was planted and far to plugged in.  The cost as I mentioned before, was my health. It also stole my joy.

Where is your pleasure? What will you do for yourself today to being your joy?  Life it to short to not enjoy the one life we were given. Stop and really think about it.

Untill next time.


P.S.  If you’re having a hard time with your health, weight or just being sick and tired of  being sick and tired, click on my health coaching link on the upper right side of this blog.  I’d love to help you on your journey to getting back to finding pleasure in your life.


Sleep, sleep where are you??

Well I had an article recently published at FitTv and I wanted to share with my readers. I just recently left my retial job and I would have never though what the crazy hours would do to my sleep. Now I do have a health issue that contributes to it but when I was in the throws of my insominia I would have done anything for a good nights sleep. I actually was sleep deprived at one point I felt like I was loosing my mind.  At first teas helped. But as I kept working closing shifts followed by opening shifts my sleep pattern that I had got thrown off.   I’ve read it can take months to recover. I was put on early shifts and had to get some sleep which just added to the stress.  I am now sleeping but it took a fair amount of sleep hygeine to be able to even get 6 hours of sleep at night instead of 3 maybe 4 that was always inturrupted. Having added stress didn’t help any of this either.

I tried a number of things from teas to when I got desperate perscription drugs that ended up making me feeling worse. Want to know what finally worked? Check out my story here.

Later this week I will return with a healthy easy recipe for you to cook up in your kitchen that is sure to be a hit.